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Organizing Chattanooga's
Purge and Pass It On Program

"Never grow tired of doing the little things for others. Those little things can often make a beautiful and powerful impact in someone's life."

                                                       -Robyn, Organizing Chattanooga Founder

Program Background

When Organizing Chattanooga launched in October 2021, the true core and mission for our company quickly became providing services that would improve the lives of families, businesses, and individuals in and around Chattanooga, Tn. OC thrives when our team is serving others in their homes, businesses, events, and spaces. As our company has continued to grow, so has our dream of expanding our impact and outreach! Residential and Business Organization Services are one of our many services. Within this service, we continuously refine the process of guiding our clients through purging and editing unwanted/Unneeded Items from their spaces. Over the last year and a half, we have come to realize we have the opportunity to create a program that would allow our organizational process to become full circle. Organizing Chattanooga is currently growing partnerships and relationships with incredible, local non-profits/not-for-profit organizations and have begun learning about their greatest needs for those they provide assistance to. We work to match donated items to those who need them! This program has provided our clients with the passion and encouragement to release items that no longer serve a purpose in their lives and pass them to those who could greatly benefit from receiving them. We streamline these donations to the location that they are needed most critically. This program is allowing Organizing Chattanooga to make the greatest impact in and around our city. Serving others is the root of Organizing Chattanooga and we are so grateful to our clients, growing list of partners, and supporters of this mission. 

Please Complete and Submit the Form Below!

If you are involved with an organization, non-profit organization, not-for-profit organization, charity organization, business with a give-back mission, or know someone in need of donated items, please complete the form below. We would love to get to know you better!

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