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Organizing Chattanooga Prices




                   1 Solutionist   2 Solutionists   3 Solutionists   4 Solutionists   5 Solutionists


4 HOURS          $240               $400                 $560                $720                 $880


6 HOURS          $360               $600                 $840               $1,080               $1,320


8 HOURS          $480               $800                 $1,120             $1,440              $1,760

Custom Solutions                                                                      Estimate Provided
Purge Hauling (estimate based on purge size)                       From $50

Marketplace Management                                                      40% of sell

Purchasing New Products                                                         2-4 hours/space

Custom Labeling                                                                       .5-1 hour/space

Virtual Organization                                                                  $50/hour

Travel Fees (over 25-mile radius from Chattanooga, Tn.)      $0.60/mile             

Full-Service Event Planner                                                        $1500

Day of Event Coordinating                                                       $250

Event Consulting                                                                       $60/hour

In-Home Laundry Services                                                        Estimate Provided

  • Professional Organization

  • Handyman Services

  • Moving Management 

  • Custom Solutions

  • Personal Assistant Services

  • In-home laundry Services

  • Residential and Business Styling

  • Event Planning and Coordinating

*We recommend utilizing more Solutionists for more time sensitive projects.

*We often recommend at least 2 Solutionists for most services. This allows for more detailed results.

*A deposit of 50% of the estimated cost is due prior to scheduled session(s). This will be sent as an invoice via email. 

*The price list above consists of services only (products, supplies, materials not listed above).

*Invoices for services provided by OC is sent via email and due to be paid by the end day for single day sessions or at the end of the same week if there are 2 or more sessions. If project requires sessions continue into multiple weeks, an invoice will be sent weekly. 
*Product, supplies, and material cost requests (not services) are sent via Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, cash. Another alternative to purchasing recommended products, supplies, and materials can be sent via website links for client to purchase themselves within a planned timeline. 

*Most often, all products, supplies, and materials are purchased in advance, prior to the day of scheduled project. Some projects require that the job is initiated before purchase of products/supplies/materials and are bought midway through.   

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