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Organizing Chattanooga Prices





                   1 Organizer   2 Organizers   3 Organizers   4 Organizers   5 Organizers


4 HOURS          $240               $360                 $460                $600                 $720


6 HOURS          $360               $540                 $690                $900                 $1,080


8 HOURS          $480               $720                 $920                $1,200              $1,440

Additional Organizational Services

Custom Solutions                                                                      Estimate Provided
Purge Hauling (estimate based on purge size)                       From $50

Market Place Management                                                      40% of sell

Purchasing New Products                                                         2-4 hours/space

Custom Labeling                                                                       .5-1 hour/space

Virtual Organization (1-hour sessions)                                    $50/hour

Travel Fees (over 25-mile radius from Chattanooga, Tn.)      $0.60/mile             

Home styling 4 hours                                                                $250

Paper/Photo Management                                                       $360

Custom Organizational Planning                                             $60 and up

Full Service Event Planner                                                        $1150

Day of Event Coordinating                                                       $400

Event Consulting                                                                       $60/hour

Event Planning Session                                                             $60/hour

*We recommend utilizing more organizers for more time sensitive projects.

*We often recommend at leash 2 organizers for both, organizational projects, and event services. This allows for more detailed results.

*The price list above consists of services only.

*Invoices for services provided by OC is sent and due to be paid by the end day (or week if there are 2 or more sessions scheduled in a week) services are provided.
*Product, supplies, and material costs are sent via Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, cash or website links are sent for products we recommend.

*Most often, all supplies are planned to be purchased in advance, prior to the day of scheduled project. Some projects require that the job is initiated before purchase of products/supplies/materials and are bought midway through.   

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