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Chattanooga's Professional Organizers, Custom Solutions Professionals,

Interior Decorators, and Event Planners/Coordinators

Organizing Chattanooga is a professional organizing business focused on bettering the lives of clients through organization, planning, and coordinating. We offer a range of services at competitive prices for a variety of budgets. As your professional organizers and planners, we thrive on improving the spaces you occupy and creating the most memorable events. Our Organizers will coach, encourage, support, and guide you to incredible results. When it comes to organization, we know that finding your custom organizational method is proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve relationships, help sleep habits, save money, and increase the amount of time to enjoy life. We are happy to serve our clients in and around the Chattanooga area and we welcome you to contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.  You can contact OC via the form at the bottom of this page, call, email, or social media!

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Organizing Chattanooga Services

  • Residential and Business Organization

  • Moving Management

  • Packing/Unpackaging Services

  • Purge Hauling

  • Marketplace Management

  • Event Planning and Event Coordinating

  • Home Styling/Interior Decorating

  • Wardrobe Management

  • In-Home Laundry Service

  • Paper, Records, Photo, etc... Management

  • Virtual Organization Sessions

  • Custom Solutions and Handyman Services

  • Home and Business Holiday Styling/Decorating


Meet Our Founder, Robyn

Robyn has a passion to help improve the lives of others in as many ways as humanly possible. With career experience in cosmetology, coaching gymnastics, coaching collegiate athletics, personal assisting, organizing, planning, and as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, she has gained inviolable skills in conflict-resolution, critical thinking, time management, leadership, organizing, collaboration, creativity, and interpersonal communication skills with a diverse number of people. As a true multipotentialite, Robyn knew that launching a company and team grounded in Professional Organizing, Event Services, Space Development, and Problem- Solving was the best decision to make a larger, positive impact on Chattanooga and surrounding areas. 


Meet The Organizing Chattanooga Team
(Our Team has grown! Updates to this section of our website coming soon!)

Crystal Shrader
Administrative Coordinator

Hello, my name is Crystal Shrader. I am originally from Ringgold, Georgia and currently reside in Tampa, Florida. After receiving two bachelor’s degrees, I started my career in pharmaceuticals with a manufacturing company in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  While on my journey to the Tampa Bay area I received a master’s degree in Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs. I have extensive experience with compliance and legal documentation, so I jumped at the opportunity to showcase these skills as the Administrative Coordinator to the OC group. I serve the team with the best regulatory knowledge I can bring to the table. I am eager to help guide Organizing Chattanooga with my great passion for organization, attention to detail, and some laughter. 


Ryan Beirne
Custom Solutions Manager & Lead Organizer

Hello, my name is Ryan Beirne. I am a 7 ½ year Army Veteran that is very proud of the country I have served. In the Army I learned many skills that I utilize in everyday life and in my projects as an OC Lead Organizer. Before graduating with a with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, I had several years of experience working with construction. It was my experience with construction that caught my eye when deciding to join the Organize Chattanooga Team. I excel at any construction and handyman tasks, organizing, purging, and heavy lighting. I also like to stay active, am into fitness, and shooting. Since staying active is a passion of mine, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show OC what I can handle! I am enjoy providing my experience with tools and machinery as an asset to the OC team when it comes to executing custom designs. 


Renae Tamewitz
Lead Organizer, Interior Stylist, & Event Coordinator

Hello, my name is Renae Tamewitz. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in 2018 and began my professional career as a Legal Assistant. I then moved on to serving as a Program Administrator for an undergraduate research office at the local university here in Chattanooga. Although these positions helped me obtain key transferable skills, over time, I realized that they did not fulfill me in the way my other interests outside of work did. Joining Organizing Chattanooga showed me that you really can work and love what you do at the same time. I am truly passionate about creating functional and beautiful spaces that everyone can benefit from. I specialize in event planning and execution, residential organization, and interior decorating. In addition to the services OC offers, these projects are what I consider enjoyable and fulfilling! Find me on the weekend or just an afternoon and you will catch me building custom closet shelves, planning/hosting special events, or folding my hand towels a certain way to gain that neat and tidy feeling but also serving as a way to create more space/functionality in a drawer. Having the ability to turn my passions into a career has been life changing. Reach out to us to learn how we can transform yours no matter how small or large the project is!


New OC Team Member Bios Coming Soon!

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Working with you to decrease stress, mess, and clutter. Helping you reclaim your time, save money, and improve your life.



1. We begin every project with a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION. There is also an in-person consultation option as well! Measuring areas within your space will be a step in our process so that we may recommend the best storage solutions for you or begin to plan the custom design of your space if desired. You will define the use of your space and we  will take note of all issues and potential improvements.
2. After your consultation, we work on SPACE DEVELOPMENT, creating custom options for storage solutions for your space and making product recommendations if desired. (New products are not required for our organizational services. They are always optional.) Once a decision is made on organizational products, your Organizing Chattanooga Organizer will shop for the best deals on your products! After having you approve your custom plan for your space, we will purchase your storage solutions, shelving, and/or products (We will gladly work with a variety of budgets!).
3. Following your consultation and space development, your appointment is scheduled! On appointment day, we immediately begin working to sort through everything. (We can do this side by side with you and help with the decision process OR we can handle the entire project! It is based on client preference.) It is always exciting for us to walk into a new space and envision the transformation! We install and place all new organization systems if you opt to do so. Each strategic step we take will allow us to sort the contents of your space, consolidate your items by category, and help you with purge decisions. We absolutely LOVE pulling an organized space together. We also label all shelves and containers for easy identification (if desired). All the finishing touches and details will be added as we look to leave our clients with a beautiful, peaceful, upgraded space.


Moving Boxes

Move Preparation

  • We will work with you to go through and declutter unwanted items.

  • Stage the home using existing furniture and decorative items.

  • Create an inventory of furniture and other items to be moved

  • Prepare a plan for furniture placement in the new home.

  • Carefully pack all items in an organized manner.

Move Coordination/Supervision

  • Contact three moving companies for estimates for packing and moving. Meet movers at current home for estimates.

  • Supervise movers during packing and on day of move, direct movers with furniture and item placement.

  • Cancel existing utility services, arrange services in new home.

Unpacking and Organizing

  • Unpack all boxes and put everything away in an organized manner.

  • Hang pictures, mirrors, towel racks and any other items that require installation.

  • Set up organizing systems where needed.

  • Label all shelves and drawers.

  • Remove all empty boxes, packing materials and trash.


Outdoor Event

Organizing Chattanooga provides Event Planning and Event Coordinating Services! Our ability to connect clients with food/drink vendors, tech vendors, venues, audio/video/visual vendors, equipment/product vendors, and other service providers is unmatched! Organizing Chattanooga Organizers plan, coordinate, troubleshoot, problem-solve, and provide services that aim to exceed all expectations. Our attention to detail and ability to manage the flow of an event from start to finish is what allows Organizing Chattanooga to provide top rated services.

We provide Event Planning Services and Event Coordinating Services for: 

  • Wedding Ceremonies

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Special Occasions

  • Corporate Events

  • Virtual Events

  • Hybrid Events

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Meetings

  • Team Building 

  • Trade Shows

  • Receptions

  • Dinners

  • Themed Parties

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Holiday Events/Parties

  • Board Meetings

  • Birthday Parties

  • School Events

  • Family Events



We will gladly help declutter your spaces by facilitating the removal of unwanted items and materials.


Quiet Desk

If you have items you are purging, but feel they have potential to sell online, we will facilitate listing, managing, and selling them for you! Often, the most difficult part of selling used items is doing the market research to know the value, taking pictures, collecting information on the items, listing, communicating with interested buyers, and arranging the sell. We can take care of it all!


Cream and White Clothes

Laundry is a never-ending task on everyone’s to-do list and sometimes there just isn't enough time or energy. The Organizing Chattanooga Crew has developed a solution! We will come in-home and take care of your laundry from start to finish or create a customized plan/system for your laundry with you. Wash, dry, hang-dry, iron, steam, fold, hang, put away!

If you need assistance with your wardrobe, we can offer help with sorting, storing, organizing, categorizing, and arranging your clothing! As seasons change, wardrobes are bound to need an update. We can help!


White file folders

To organize an office space, we work to sort paperwork, create filing options, and find paper management systems to increase efficiency and improve performance. Our office organizing process often involves:

  • Sorting through all paperwork, records, files, and photos

  • Purging unnecessary paperwork

  • Create new files where needed

  • Organize file drawers into specific categories

  • File all loose paperwork

  • Organize and box up archival files for storage

  • Set up a visual, organized paper management system to facilitate paperwork flow

  • Develop index of file location and file retention guidelines

  • Shredding of confidential/personal papers

  • Work with you to create systems and processes to minimize time spent on administrative tasks


Computer Keyboard_edited.jpg

Organizing Chattanooga is dedicated to helping clients create more peaceful and functional spaces. If you need someone to help you assess the space you are wanting to organize, recommend the most affordable storage solutions, and provide education on what organizational systems may work best for you. We will guide you, step by step, through organizing any space from drawers to closets to any room/space, we are just a video call away!


Wooden Book Shelves

Organizing Chattanooga brings experience and skill to projects requiring anything from shelving, trim, home repair, accent walls, custom storage, space transformation, and more! Our Custom Solutions Manager provides clients with many opportunities to improve their spaces beyond organization.


Contact us here! We will followup to schedule a consult and discuss our services and your spaces. We will be glad to answer your questions as well!
Please let us know what services you are interested in.

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